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 In-Game Help..

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PostSubject: In-Game Help..   Mon May 18, 2009 7:59 pm

Okay, Now i've been playing for a while..
and i think it's time to help some people.. So yeah? lets get started.
- Note: please tell me if this thread helped you -

Okay.. so yeah, First u need to download DefianceScape Client..
Do it here : http://www.defiancev10.tk/
' Warning: You should check it for virus before opening ( it's just something ill recomand people to do after downloaded something from the internet.. ) '
- Note: If this isint help enough for you how to get the client, please go to D3F1ANC3's Thread. Theres alot of info on how to get the client. -

Okay, now for the In-Game Help..
1 - Create a name.
2 - Create a password.
3 - Make the looking of your chartcer.
4 - Put all in your inventory in your bank ( im talking about your starter kit.. Runes, Money, Monk robes and stuff. I suggest you to put in mony first, rune runes, armor, weapons, ammulet.. its just to keep your bank clean, and not messed up. so u find items easy'er.. )
5 - Okay, now type ::Pure ( I dont know if this works, Well Sometimes it does, And yeah. if it works. you have 99 attack, 99 strenght, 99 hitpoints, 99 magic, 99 ranging.
6 - now get some weapons, buy them from: People, Abury ( the mage dude, cant hes name in my head :s ), Lowe, Or Giles..
7 - Train your defence/prayer if you want to get it.
----------- Thats all about ' making your chartcer.. ' kind of? -----------

Making Money.. My favorite part of this game.
Well, theres alot of way to make money.
Money Making List:

Pking * Warning! YOU lose ITEMS! if you die *



Barrow Brother Hunting USE Prayer at this.

Mithril Dragon Hunting Warning! Dragon Fire Shield, Or Anti-Dragon Shield is NEEDED! *

King Black Dragon Hunting Warning! Dragon Fire Shield, Or Anti-Dragon Shield is NEEDED! *

Clue Scroll Hunting

- I may add some more. but im tired.. So yeah.
i hope this helped you.

- Happy Playing guys.

~This Calling~
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PostSubject: Re: In-Game Help..   Sun Jul 26, 2009 4:45 pm

thanks for the guide helped me a little Smile
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In-Game Help..
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